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Mental Health

Prioritizing your mental health and supporting people with mental health illness. Providing emotional support, empathy and correcting those who use stigmatizing language.


There are variations in neurology, many brains are wired differently. These brain differences should be accepted without trying to change them or cure them as they reflect natural diversity.

Autism Advocate

Spreading autism , neurodiversity awareness, acceptance and inclusion. Advocating for the rights of people with different disabilities and fighting ableism.

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About Karen


I am a mom of two adorable kids! I am also navigating the world of autism and neurodiversity since my daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 4 years old.

From a health insurance expert by profession to Neurodiversity writer and advocate by calling. I might have sacrificed the career I chose , but another one chose me for a higher cause. Our true self worth is never determined by our financial status, positions or assets. It is simply attached to our contribution to society. After years of struggling with my inner fear and internalized ableism I was finally able to find my passion and mission. I want to bridge the gap between our community and the people of determination through my articles and social work. I am on a mission to increase the acceptance and understanding of different brain neurology.

I have graduated with BA in journalism and radio tv from the Lebanese University. I am now developing further my career in writing, advocating and helping other parents on the same journey. I founded People Of Determination Store, which is new concept store that aims to shine light on people of determination and empower them. It is time the world understands, values and celebrates talents of neurodiverse minds.

My philosophy remains the same "Small acts multiplied by many, can transform the world"


Latest From Our PODSTORE

We are print on demand concept store that is dedicated to empower people of determination. We deliver only inside UAE.

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Different is beautiful Ellie Bag

AED 90

Jute Bag with button. Jute bag with white side area to highlight the design and words. Short handles resistant up to 10kg. Productsize40x36x15cm

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Love Yourself Black Tee

AED 100

100% cotton t-shirt with crew neck cut and short sleeves in toddler, youth and adults fits.

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Love Yourself Tee

AED 100

100% cotton t-shirt with crew neck cut and short sleeves in toddler, youth and adults fits.

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